Airing against Covid-19

Properly ventilating indoor spaces - such as classrooms, offices or homes - can help reduce the risk of contracting the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus via aerosols.

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Sophisticated functions

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Application areas

LuftLicht as CO2-meter is suitable for a wide variety of applications - whether school, office or restaurant. With LuftLicht you always have the air quality in view.

Gives security in the office

"I use the LuftLicht in the home office. So I can always see when I need to ventilate. I can concentrate better and am more efficient as a result."

Sarah Z. - lawyer

Optimized for schools

"The LiftLicht hangs on the wall in our classroom. We thus always have the air quality in view and can minimize the risk of infection through regular and proper ventilation."

Christian H. - teacher

Protects employees and guests

"We have the LuftLicht in our café and now know how often we need to ventilate. In addition, the green light gives security."

Salim G. - Gastronomer

Infectious aerosols indoors

Read more about the relationship between CO2 and infection risk.

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