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LuftLicht - CO2 monitor Made in Germany

LuftLicht is the CO2 monitor for reducing corona infections through timely ventilation in rooms of all kinds. The CO2 measuring device measures the carbon dioxide (CO2) content in the ambient air via an integrated NDIR measuring sensor. Via the light cone and the built-in LEDs, the current CO2 content is displayed in different color levels on the device.


The LuftLicht measures the CO2 content in a room (e.g. school, restaurant or location) via an NDIR sensor. The sensor is mounted in the CO2 meter device and receives room air via ventilation slots on the floor. Thus, the sensor is not mounted in the device in a direct draft and therefore measures fluctuation-free, reliable and independent of the temperature. Depending on the CO2 concentration, radially mounted LEDs color the LuftLicht CO2 Monitor green (up to 1000 ppm), yellow (between 1000 ppm and 2000 ppm) or red (from 2000 ppm) and thus provide clear information on the air quality.

Operation of the CO2 Monitor

Simplicity and user-friendliness were important goals in the development of the LuftLicht CO2 meter. Therefore we decided to use a self-calibrating sensor in the device. So you don't have to carry the LuftLicht CO2 Monitor out into the fresh air or make manual setups, like most of the cheap devices produced in the Far East. The only thing you have to do is to give the sensor of the CO2 meter fresh air at least once a week. The sensor of the CO2 monitor remembers the lowest value (value with fresh air) and measures the deviation from this. The sensor of the CO-2 meter remembers the lowest value for up to 7 days. As long as you open the windows and ventilate at least once every seven days, you can simply plug in the LuftLicht and it will measure completely by itself, e.g. in class.

Development of the CO2-Meter

The LuftLicht was developed in cooperation with teachers, school authorities, restaurateurs and self-employed people and is especially suitable for use in schools, restaurants, meeting or event rooms. Together with our many years of experience in the field of room air sensor technology, the LuftLicht is a sophisticated and high-quality device - all "Made in Germany".

Customer Voices

Air exchange in the school

In school classrooms, windows should always be opened regularly and the classroom should be ventilated. When ventilating, fresh air flows into the room and replaces the stale air. This removes moisture from the school rooms, which, among other things, reduces the risk of mold growth. In addition, fine dust, odors and vapors from e.g. furniture or cosmetics are removed. Last but not least, CO2 is removed to the outside, which makes people tired and can reduce concentration. A CO2 measuring device provides a simple remedy here and helps to keep the aerosol concentration low.

Purpose of CO2 monitors

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a good indicator of "stale" air because everyone exhales CO2. In enclosed spaces and with larger numbers of people, such as classrooms in a school, CO2 can quickly accumulate in the room air without ventilation. Excessively high CO2 levels cause fatigue among those present. An increased CO2 concentration does not allow any statement about virus-containing aerosols, but it does indicate that there has been no ventilation for too long and therefore the risk of infection may also be increased. Especially in times of the Corona virus, our CO2 measuring device helps to improve the situation at schools.

About us - who we are

We are latAI GmbH - a research and development company based in Munich, Germany. Our team consists of mechanical, electrical and software engineers. The experience on the software side and the engineering background enable us to easily understand your problems and needs and to develop the best possible solution for you.
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