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LuftLicht - CO2-meter

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The LuftLicht measures the carbon dioxide (CO2) content in the ambient air via an integrated NDIR measuring sensor. The current CO2 content is displayed in different color levels via the light cone and the built-in LEDs. Commissioning the LuftLicht is child's play. All you have to do is plug the power supply into a socket and the LuftLicht starts measuring the CO2 content in the air. The powerful CO2 sensor SCD30 from Sensirion calibrates itself and thus recognizes when fresh air has been supplied. Based on this reference value (Co2 content in fresh air: 400 ppm), the sensor reliably measures the deviation and thereby reflects the Co2 content in the room. This allows the LuftLicht to be installed and used even with little technical understanding.


The intuitive coloring via the 360° light signal provides a recommended course of action for ventilation in four gradations. The color scheme of the LuftLicht is based on DIN 1946-6 and the Pettenkofer curve. These are: - Green: up to 999 ppm - Yellow: 1000 ppm to 1999 ppm - Red: from 2000 ppm - Flashing red (optional): above 3000 ppm The light signal is discreet enough not to attract negative attention but still visible enough to send a clear signal. Due to the 360° radiation, the light signal is also easily visible from all sides and can be placed at different positions in the room.


Dimensions and weight Diameter 90mm, height 95mm; weight approx. 300 grams
Housing material  PC IP protection class IP 30
Power supply/connection  Powered by external included 5V power adapter with microUSB-B connector
Operating condition 0 – 50°C, 0–95 %RH
Operating temperature range 0 – 50°C
Storage temperature -20 – 60 °C 
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